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Janovic’s Color Initiative: Meet the Artists

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Janovic’s Color Initiative: Meet the Artists

In this article, Janovic – with several locations in and around New York City, New York (NY) – is here to tell you about Janovic’s Color Initiative and the artists involved with the project. Contact us today to learn more about the Color Initiative and get a $10 gift card and free gift!

            As New York’s Color Authority, we know a lot about paint. At Janovic, we teamed up with Benjamin Moore to create Janovic’s Color Initiative, where we had fifteen artists from SVA, Parsons, and Pratt come together to create sculptures of iconic NYC buildings using Benjamin Moore paint chips as their medium. The results were astounding, and we wanted to highlight some of the artists that participated in this project and made it so memorable.

            Olivia Santos is a graphic designer from the School of Visual Arts (SVA). She fell in love with the city the first time she visited and new she wanted to study her craft here. Although she’s a graphic designer, Olivia loves the more hands-on aspects that this project provided and was happy to get to explore that creative side.

            Kenny Christian is an illustrator from the Parsons School of Design. At the time of the Janovic Color Initiative, he was a senior at Parsons. As an illustrator, Kenny is all about the small details, which are everywhere in NYC architecture.

            Katherine Bayne is a graphic designer from Pratt Institute. Katherine worked on the sculpture of the Flatiron Building, one of the oldest in New York. She says that her ideas about the city are always changing based on her mood, the weather, or even the music she’s listening to and wanted to incorporate that into her design.

            Jihad Dennis is an art director from Pratt. His goal through his designs has been to promote diversity, which is a main part of New York’s foundation. Jihad said before this project, he hadn’t paid as much attention to the building in the city, other than their height, but with the Color Initiative, he got to see them in a new light.

            Davina Hwang is a graphic designer from SVA. She says she definitely feels the competitive nature from others in the city which drives her to achieve her own goals and dreams. Rather than sticking with the grays and neutral tones of the city, Davina wanted to brighten things up, and her group stuck with a more colorful palette for their project.

            Kearin Cook is an illustrator from Pratt Institute. Energy is the main thing she thinks of when she thinks about New York, and she wanted to find a way to incorporate that into her project, which she did through bright colors, like oranges and yellows. When looking at the Freedom Tower, Kearin feels hopeful and positive and wanted to make sure her team’s design portrayed that.

            If you’re interested in learning more about Janovic’s Color Initiative and the artists who made it possible or just want to find out about the products we carry, contact our friendly experts today. If you mention the Color Initiative, we’ll give you a $10 gift card and a free gift! We have locations all over the city, including Yorktown, Gramercy Park, Soho, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, the West Side, the Upper West Side, the Upper East Side, the East Village, and Long Island.

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