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Janovic’s Color Initiative: Paint and New York City

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Janovic’s Color Initiative: Paint and New York City

In this article, Janovic – with ten convenient locations in and around New York City, New York (NY) – is here to tell you about Janovic’s Color Initiative in New York City, where art students from three major design schools came together to use Benjamin Moore paint chips to create sculptures of prominent NYC buildings. Contact Janovic today for all your painting needs!

            Janovic is known as the color authority in New York City and has been around since 1888, only a few years after the creation of Benjamin Moore paint. As two prestigious New York institutions, we teamed up with Benjamin Moore and gathered fifteen art students from Pratt, Parsons, and SVA to create sculptures of prominent NYC buildings using Benjamin Moore paint chips as their medium. This began Janovic’s Color Initiative in New York City.

            While this project started out being all about paint and the colors of the city, the art students working on this project really surprised us by making it about the people and their experiences. Janovic knows how important the people of NYC are to the city’s culture and atmosphere, and we were so excited the artists were able to capture that. Even though the medium was the same with each group, they took their own experiences and feelings about the city to create something unique. Each sculpture was vastly different not only in the colors used, but also the way that the paint chips were shaped and molded before being added to the sculptures.

            While we originally planned the Color Initiative to be more about all the amazing things Janovic and Benjamin Moore paint could create, we weren’t surprised that it became about the people of NYC. Janovic has been based on family values for 130 years, and those values have helped us create personal, helpful retail experiences for our customers. We don’t want to sell you just any paint; we want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need to create a home that you and your family will love.

            To learn more about Janovic’s Color Initiative in New York City or to see how we can help you make your dream home a reality, contact the friendly experts at Janovic today. We have ten convenient locations all over the city, including Chelsea, Soho, the Upper East Side, the East Village, the West Side, Yorkville, Gramercy Park, the West Village, Long Island, and Hell’s Kitchen. When you talk about the Color Initiative with us, we’ll give you a $10 gift card and a free gift, so come see us today!

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